The Team

Icon was founded by two working professionals that met while pursuing their Master’s Degrees in Business Administration. They recognized how their strengths could be complementary, like yin and yang, and created a team to help businesses thrive by understanding and using social media to their maximum advantage.

Not all business owners have the time or resources to get a higher education. That’s were Icon comes in. Icon brings premium business services to small and medium-sized businesses, giving them additional tools and resources to:

  • Enhance Customer Engagement
  • Increase their Customer Base
  • Create Systems for Success
  • Increase their Revenue
  • Create Steady Growth
  • Stay Current with New Trends
  • Understand the Changing Needs of their Customers
  • Reach their Target Demographic with a Diverse Approach to Marketing

…And, Overall, Get Maximum Results with Minimum Time & Effort!!

Justin G. Preston

Justin began his professional career in the music industry. He soon moved from the performance side of the industry into production and marketing. As one of Denver’s top talents, his skills in design, production, and marketing were highly sought after. He built his businesses with consistent growth by skillfully managing clients’ assets, making new profitable connections, and utilizing those connections to the clients’ benefit. It wasn’t long before he gained the attention of legendary Multi-platinum and Gold producer Mark Berry (Think Carly Simon, Duran Duran, Sting) and the late world-renowned violinist Eugene Fodor.

When the great recession hit in 2008, Justin felt it was no longer economical to continue in the music industry, at least until the economy had recovered. However, by then he had moved on to his next venture. He finished his undergraduate and graduate degrees in business and graduated with honors in both. During his time in academia he found his next calling…helping both new and established businesses by steering them around pitfalls and towards success.

Ryan P. Enright

Ryan began his professional career in the credit card processing industry, while studying Business in Undergraduate School. His experience as an employee at a top company and development as a student were valuable in helping him understand professional business development. Upon graduating with honors with a degree in Business Management, Ryan managed the sales funnel development team for a local software company. Ryan also consulted with several small businesses on improving inbound marketing channels, including website traffic development and marketing promotions.

Ryan graduated with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Through his education, he discovered that he had a true passion for marketing. His focus is helping employers succeed by understanding the current marketing challenges, connecting with their customers, and using educational resources and tools to maximize their growth.

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